Home in Motion

Concept: Sophie Springer, Dominika Willinek                                                   Choreography: Dominika Willinek                                                                           Dancers: Mirela Kolo, Dominika Willinek

                                                                      Video Projections: Sophie Springer

                                                                           Sound: Lemniscaat I / Simeon TenHolt

Performed 2008 at LABAN THEATER, London and at PARADISO FESTIVAL, Stockholm.

Home in Motion was created as a collaboration of contemporary dance and video art. The piece was premiered in spring 2008 in London. Home in Motion is our response to the shared experience of travelling and, more generally, life as the embodiment of existence in temporal flight. In the creative process we indulged in making connections between philosophy and dance in their mutual endeavor of giving meaning to our existence.

With the performance we wish to invite you to go on a journey together with us, yet not necessarily in order to arrive anywhere, but rather as an experience of being on the way. How can one achieve a state of rest if the condition is restlessness?

‚Dance is wings, it concerns birds and departure into the evermore, and quivering returns like arrows.‘ (Stephane Mallarmé)